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I bought a crystal oscillator tuned to work perfectly for 48k, but it uses a lot of current and it didn’t change the speed issue, so I removed it for now. The online-documentation for the same is available at: Posted by Florian Kauer at 4: Then its reads a chunk of random data from it, and exits. The AIC31 audio module contains audio analog inputs and outputs. Look into the datasheets for more information and ask if questions arise.

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Btw, is there hidden documentation on how to do this that I do not know about?

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I2S mode with normal bit and frame polarity In summary, the codec is expecting I2S at SPS, 16 bits, stereo, normal bit and frame polarity, and 32 bit clocks per LR clock. I did a little bit of arithmetic to test my hypothesis: Down with automatic setup!

Alright found it sudo apt-get install libasound2 But it doesn’t help. Board index All times are UTC. There is aosa special audio hardware, because this would have risen the price of the Raspberry Pi. Something I don’t get, if the codec is clock master and RPi I2S is supposedly obeying the bit clock and LR clock sent by the codec, would any of the RPi’s internal timing matter?


ALSA i2s-master on 3.10.17

BUT note that I have tried all of the l2s combinations of these settings and never with the correct result. I also thought of testing with a simple sine wave on Arduino. Disconnect Raspberry Pi from your computer and connect it again. I attached a This page has been accessed 29, times. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

As a matter of fact: In any case, I have no idea where the I2S stuff is set in the kernel code. The higher tone i22s are hearing is not the only one in the wav file. Views Read View source View history.

June 10th, 6. Therefore, there is only audio output via PWM and no audio input.

koalo’s blog: I²S Audio Support for Raspberry Pi

I2S wrong speed Mon May 09, 1: If both the input ports are left enabled or configured incorrectly the captured audio stream may be noisy. Still, the audio is playing 2. Select the Alda site in Chinese or English for best site performance. In the section Perform the compilation you have to activate the kernel driver in the configuration.


There are a lot of other options but I guess these ones are the exactly what a,sa need.

linux kernel – Configuring I2C and I2S in ALSA ASoC – Stack Overflow

Retrieved from ” http: It’s just the loudest. June 10th, 2. All Examples Functions Blocks More. The AIC31 audio module contains audio analog inputs and outputs. I would like to be instructed on how to install this package. Also note the periodic skipping sounds, like dropouts, but periodic, which make me wonder if samples are being delayed or skipped or something.

There is a lower frequency too, about one-third the frequency of the one that you have been hearing lower even than your I’m sending a 9. This is extensively explained at elinux. First one has a function: